Ronaldo Adriano Pereira


Support Coordinator

Ronaldo was born in Curitiba, the beautiful Capital of Paraná State, in Brazil, where he graduated from Cefet-PR, one of the top engineering universities of Brazil.

After graduation Ronaldo moved to Londrina, north of the Paraná State and started a long and successful career in sales.

In March of 2010 Ronaldo took a leap of faith and moved to the United States. Pursuing his dreams, opening his horizons to a new culture and a new language, he started towards a new path becoming a Skydive Instructor and traveling to over 42 states in the USA, jumping out of airplanes and training in the sport.

After a few years Ronaldo found a home in the beautiful Monterey Bay in California where he started his own business as a distributor in the food industry. Ronaldo kept growing his business successfully for over 5 years, while also working as a tandem instructor at one of the top Skydive Companies in California.

Ronaldo met his wife while in California. They got married in the USA and followed their dreams by moving to Australia in 2020 where they live happily in the beautiful Sunshine Coast.


Ronaldo is a highly motivated person, full of passion and always ready to help.

Combining his expierences from sales, engineering, social work in Brazil, marketing, radical sports and public relations, Ronaldo has unified his skills becoming a caring person and full of love for life and for helping people. Ronaldo has completed many hours of volunteering in the social work field in Brazil and in the USA. He has also spent many years helping and caring for people with physical and mental health disabilities through the jobs he has had.


Ronaldo’s passion and motivation to care for others came from his childhood where he helped care for family and friends who had different (dis)abilities.  Ronaldo realised how capable he was to enter into the disability support sector and put his skills towards a new beginning of helping people with different abilities. 


As a Support Coordinator with All Access Supports, Ronaldo provides great holistic services by using his knowledge, education and compassion for others to bring comfort and happiness to the lives of his participants so they can conquer their goals and dreams.


In his spare time, Ronaldo still takes to the skies as a tandem instructor, travels around Australia with his wife, and enjoys grilling up his famous Brazilian BBQ with friends and family after a day of hiking and stand up paddleboarding.