Frequently Asked Questions

What can a Support Coordinator do for me?

We help you source the providers you wish to have in your life and we help build your capacity to choose the best providers so that you can live a truly, independent and meaningful life. We ensure all services are being delivered in a reasonable and necessary means, with your best interests in mind. Support coordinators are the go-between for many different issues, and can be the eyes and ears for the NDIA and you.  We write up end of plan reports to the NDIA to help outline the services you desire for the next plan year to ensure adequate funding is provided to you.

Most of what we do is behind the scenes work to make sure you are getting the services you choose, that they are providing the best services to you, help ensure your budget is on track, and that you are ready for next plan review with the NDIA.

How do you know if you have funding for a Support Coordinator in your plan?

Not all NDIS plans come with Support Coordination built in.  You will find this under the Capacity Budget and it will be labeled Support Coordination. 

What is the difference between a Support Coordinator and a Support Worker?

A support worker is someone who meets with you in person as often as you require, to help with every day tasks such as cooking, transportation, personal tasks, activities of daily living, and helping you to be active in the community.  They provide carer duties, for the most part.

Support coordinators help you coordinate the supports you desire, can be the direct contact for those supports if you wish and help you with your NDIS plan and budget, and work closely with you to prepare you for your next NDIS plan.

Can I choose my providers if I have a support coordinator?

YES! You are the one who chooses your providers.  Support coordinators may offer some options that have proven to provide supportive, excellent, reasonable and necessary services, but you ultimately select who you wish to be in your team of supports.  Support coordinators never tell you who to select, or tell you your choices are not right. You have choice and control all of the time.

What if I don't have support coordination already in my plan?

Sometimes an NDIA plan doesn't include support coordination. No worries; we can help!

You have a few options, the easiest and most efficient would be to ring the NDIA and let them know you would like to have support coordination built into your plan to help you with your choice and control, and help you find the best supports and services. 

Another option is to ask All Access Supports Co to assist with contacting the NDIA.

We are happy to help with that at no charge to you. 


 What if I already have a support coordinator but wish to change?

You have choice and control over who you want to work with you. Full stop.  Whether you'd like to come onboard with All Access Supports Co, or would like to transfer out of All Access Supports Co, it's a relatively easy process.  Simply let your current support coordination company know you are putting in your termination notice (generally a 14 day period, but check your service agreement) and let your new support coordinator company know you would like to transfer to them. 

My Support Coordination funding says "agency managed". Are you registered?

Yes, All Access Supports Co is a registered provider with the NDIA for Level 2 support coordination and level 3 specialist support coordination.