Kristin Marvin 

Founder, Owner of All Access Supports Co

Kristin Marvin was born in Australia and moved to the United States when she was 9 years old. 

She has her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology (2009) and a Masters Degree (2007) in forensic psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in California, U.S.A.  She has worked in various settings ranging from Owner/CEO of her two USA psychology private practices, Prison Psychologist, Psychology Clinical Director for a holistic weight-loss camp in England, Organizational Psychologist for a large-scale electricity company, to Pain Psychologist at 2 integrative pain clinics. 

While all of her experience has been in the United States, Kristin's 20+year career in mental health (starting in 1999!), consultation, and university teaching experience is extremely sought after and very versatile in Australia.  

She has presented on various mental health topics over her career, consulted in workplaces with the goal of creating a plan of action for better work-life balance and organizational mental health, and has spent considerable time connecting with other allied health professionals.

Kristin has spent her mental health career making sure all her clients, patients, students, supervisees, employees and participants have the absolute best care and knowledge, are connected within their networks, and feel a great sense of validation and being heard. Kristin has also been a professor for various bachelor's, master's and doctoral level psychology courses and has a very special connection within the educational system helping empower the up-and-coming leaders of the future.

Her first career after coming back to Australia in 2020 was as a Specialist Support Coordinator for a large support coordination company.  She learnt how incredible the NDIS is for people living with disabilities and for their carers.  She fell in love with the participants, providers and stakeholders she's worked with and decided to go on her own and provide the same supports as before, but as an independent provider so that she and her team can offer specialised, more connected support coordination. 

Kristin and her husband moved back to Australia in June, 2020 and they live in the beautiful Sunshine Coast with their two cats.  Kristin enjoys running, Zumba, gardening, hiking, kayaking, fishing, road trips, cooking and baking, world-travel (24+ countries!), and most importantly spending time with her husband, family and friends.