Workplace Presentations

Kristin Marvin has been presenting on the topics of work-life balance, optimizing mental health, workplace satisfaction and well-being, and the mind-body connection since 2004. 


Kristin has her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology (2009), and a masters degree in Forensic Psychology (2007), both from a university in California, USA. 


Kristin has presented as key-note speaker at hundreds of private and public work place events ranging from 3-300 attendees.  Her expertise knowledge of optimal mental health, combined with her humor make her presentations enjoyable to attend, easy to digest, leaving attendees well-informed and empowered.  She has also taught university courses on dozens of psychology topics from Intro to Forensic Psychology to the Art of Mindfulness.

Some topics Kristin can provide one-hour long workshops (or longer if desired) are:

  • Stress Management

  • Work Place Burnout and Work-life Balance

  • How to deal with aggressive and abusive clients

  • Effective Communication

  • Mind-Body Connection

  • Understanding Mental Health

  • The Symbiotic Nature of Nutrition, Exercise, Community and Mental Health

  • How your company can benefit from accepting plan managed and self managed NDIS participants.

  • How your company can consult with an NDIS Support Coordinator as a crucial stakeholder

  • Hospital Discharge when NDIS clients are involved

What Kristin will bring:

  • Expertise knowledge of the topic you have selected, including in depth research to ensure the most up-to-date information is being presented. 

  • A laptop and portable projector

  • Flyers, handouts, and any useful information to hand out to your group

  • A 15 minute meet & greet at the beginning and end of the presentation

  • Likely a few jokes and hopefully a beneficial presentation 

What your workplace should provide:

  • A topic that is timely and relevant to your workgroup. Kristin can assist with ideas. 

  • A room to hold the number of attendees you select that has adequate lighting, seating, and space. 

  • The room must have a wall that the projector can display on



To enquire about rates and/or booking in a presentation or workshop with Kristin, please use the Contact Us form and let us know which topic is of interest to you. You can select one of the above topics, a combination of them, or ask about your own topic for Kristin to research and present.