Level 3 Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordinators help with complex NDIS plans.

Your plan will say "Specialist Support Coordination" or "Level 3 Support Coordination".

Our Specialist Support Coordinators have allied health degrees and backgrounds, experience in disability work, extensive training through Support Coordination trainings, are hand-selected for their dedication and care they provide to their participants and community.  They have exceptional communication skills, and are extremely knowledgeable in the disability and allied health sectors, hospital discharge, housing, and forensic populations.  

Specialist Support Coordinators usually provide around 75% of their time working with participants who need Level 2 Standard Support Coordination. 

If your plan has Level 3 Support Coordination build into the plan, you can expect the same services as a Level 2, but our Specialists have that extra training and background to assist with the more complex matters ensuring your services providers are all delivering the most efficient services to you.

If you have both Level 2 and Level 3 support coordination in your plan, talk to us today about how you can navigate your options.