Level 2 Support Coordination

Level 2 Support Coordinators are the most common NDIS Support Coordinators. 

Our Standard, Level 2 Support Coordinators have experience in disability work, extensive training through Support Coordination trainings, are hand-selected for their dedication and care they provide to their participants and communities.  They are organised, communicate well, and are very well connected within the community. 

We help you to:

  • understand your NDIS plan, and options, thoroughly

  • understand your budget, and the items and services you can have

  • connect to the service providers of your choice by being the liaison

  • achieve your goals listed on your plan, and ensure your new goals for your next plan are documented well within our NDIA reports

  • be the centrepointe of all your NDIS activities and services to make sure proper services are consistently being delivered to you

  • explore new and unique options your plan funding may have

  • always have choice and control over all aspects of your plan so you can live a meaningful and as independent life as possible.

And most importantly

 we listen to you